My Work

Here you can find a break-down of creative projects I’ve worked on. is probably your best source for new tabletop games I’m working on, many of which are pay-what-you-want.

TCS Monster – An old series of videos I collaborated on. They were meant to be funny little anime mini-reviews, if that’s your bag.

AO3 – Like fanfiction? Too bad. Here’s my AO3 account, so you can read how your favorite media franchise should have gone.

Crone – A tabletop roleplaying game I made with a few friends. It’s primarily card-based, and is all about playing as powerful witches during the dark ages.

Crown of Tines – A card game I worked on. It’s centered around a very simple, easy-to-play hand-playing mechanic, but also has about 16 unique “role” cards, called masks that vary the playing experience. It also has some neat lore behind it you can check out here.

The Messengers – This is the most recent tabletop RPG I’ve worked on. It’s a Forged-in-the-Dark tabletop roleplaying game about a group of psychically-intertwined spies, hackers, and punks fighting an ancient, secret war against evil in the shadows of a modern world dominated by conspiracy.