Brinkwood Stretch Goals

Hello! So, we’ve run past Kickstarter’s word limit while adding Stretch Goals for Brinkwood. One might take this as a sign that it’s time to stop. Adding. Stretch goals. But not I! So, here’s a list of the stretch goals that have already funded for Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants. Now available on Kickstarter!

Brinkwood – The Blood of Tyrants on Kickstarter

$12,000 – Extended Almanac – Brian Yaksha

At this tier, we’ll be able to fund additional work on the Brinkwood Almanac by our illustrious worldbuilder, Brian Yaksha. This expansion will focus on the people of Brinkwood, featuring randomizers for appearances, mementos, dress style, relationships, features, figures, vampires, and crowds that populated the world of Brinkwood!

$14,000 – Adira Slattery’s Brinkwood Lifepath and Maria Mison’s Reformed Background

Adira Slattery brings us the Brinkwood Lifepath. Characters can come from many walks of life, but it’s important to look at how these interact, and how the vampires have left you no other option but to fight back! A lyrical backstory mini-game and story hook creation tool, settling your character within the world and the world around your character.

Maria Mison writes the Reformed Background. Any vampire can leave their life of brutality and oppression. Most do not. Be among the few that chose a different path, forsaking cruelty and exploitation for atonement and revolution.

$16,000 – In the Face Of Our Despair 

In the Face of Our Despair – By Jamila R. Nedjadi of Sword Queen Games

This stretch goal will fund a extended edition of In the Face of Our Despair, a Brinkwood game by Jamila R. Nedjadi. In Despair, players take on the role of the ancient fae who appear in Brinkwood – The Blood of Tyrants as they make their retreat into the forests. You can purchase the original edition of In The Face Of Our Despair here.

This stretch goal will fund additional art, layout, and editing for In the Face of Our Despair, as well as a zine-style print run of the new, extended edition. Our backers will be the first to purchase this extended edition in physical and/or digital format. All proceeds from digital sales will go to Jamila, with a 70% / 30% split for physical copies after production costs. 

$18,000 – Pam Punzalan’s Crimson Crown and JW van Heerden’s Culture of Brigands

Pam Punzalan (@TheDovetailor)writes The Crimson Crown. This is the truth that the Lord of Cardenfell does not want you to know: that they, too, are slaves. The ruler of the Bloody Isles, like all other “favored” Lords across the realms of the Crimson Crown, are toys kept for the amusement of a far darker, more powerful force than they are. “The Crimson Crown: A Long Dream of Blood & Silver” is an optional mid-to-endgame supplement for Brinkwood. It will be designed to introduce the Empire of the Crimson Crown and provide narrative hooks for the aftermath of defeating the Lord of the Bloody Isles. This includes touching on some deeper truths behind the Masks, the origins of Blood Sterling, and the motivations of the Fae in lending their assistance to the brigands of Brinkwood.

JW van Heerden (@Zwodder) explores the Culture of Brigands.  In the midst of struggle, there is a need for entertainment & other cultural activities not directly related to the revolution. The point is to stay motivated. Sometimes it’s a revolutionary act to do something for yourself. Just beware lest your oppressors co-opt something you love in order to try and sully it.

$20,000 – Monstrous Art

Steph Cheung

This stretch goal will fund additional monster art, produced by Steph Cheung and Myca Labelle. We look forward to them bringing more of the monstrous beauty of Brinkwood and its denizens to life!

Myca Labelle

$22,000 – Cardenfell 1970 and Mask of Making

Liam (@SandyPugGames) creates Cardenfell 1970. An Alternative Brinkwood  set in a 1970s northern United Kingdom style Cardenfell. Think Street Punks vs Skinheads in Vampire London, all against the backdrop of a quarantined, walled off city.

Michelle S (@michelle192837) builds the Mask of Making. A mask that focuses on skilled crafting and supporting others, brigands or otherwise. This is a flexible, defensive-leaning mask, usable by anyone, but exciting for those who want to invest in projects, or focus on arming and providing for others.

$24,000 – A Mask’s Tale and the Entrepreneur

Eli Kurtz (@ZapDynamic) weaves A Mask’s Tale. A fable about how not all who wield masks use them wisely, and how those who try to steal or exploit the gifts of the fae often meet a ruinous end.

Justin Ford (@MothLands) brings the Entrepreneur to life.  An industrialist vampire, think Elon Musk by way of Edison. Cold, neurotic, and hates the feeling of warm human skin. The inveterate planner. He has such wonders to show you!

$ 27,000 – The Mayor, The Feast, and the Mine

Oliver Clegg (@deathbybadger) creates The Mayor. A fatcat who loves telling lie after lie after lie until no-one knows which way is up anymore, surrounded by a cabal of yes-men and hired press teams who convince everyone their plight is somehow their own fault.

Drea Silvertooth (@DreaSilvertooth) cooks up The Countess’s Feast. In the Countess’ demesne, beneath sparkling chandeliers and gilded archways, beautiful people settle down to a great feast. Rich meats and elaborate desserts fill the long table, so plentiful they hardly leave space to move, but all sit untouched. Yet peeling, cracked goblets show wear from overuse, filled to the brim with blood and silver. Rosy cheeks and static smiles make the vampiric guests look like dolls, painted lips hiding an unquenchable thirst; their laughter high and unrepentant as the food before them rots. Brigands, stow your ashwood beneath a clever cloak or gown, and find your place at these bloodsuckers’ table — play your cards right, and let this meal be their last.

Lian Rose (@lianrosewrites) explores the Caelridge Mine. Many decades ago, a mysterious calamity befell the Caelridge Mine, which was abandoned after a cave-in killed countless workers and blocked its entrances. Now, the Stokers are discussing a report that recent rockfalls have opened a natural shaft into the mine, where untapped resources may still be found. But with rumors that the underground tunnels – long reclaimed by nature – are touched by the Wyld and home to strange beasts, who dares venture in?

$ 30,000 – Bloody Classics and Tools of the Unheard

Cita A F (@dancingberry) adapts the Bloody Classics, several new vampires inspired by classic tales to terrorize Cardenfell. They serve as bloody hooks for the players: run from them, bear a personal vendetta against them, or simply end them to weaken the vampiric grip on your home.

Marek Jones (@only1marek) creates Tools of the Unheard, an expanded equipment index complete with additional background and context for all the gear you’ll use to draw the blood of tyrants.

$33,000 – Fellwood and Brigand’s Dictionary

Alex (@roxasbuddy) maps out the Fellwood. A work of the deeper, twisted parts of the Brinkwood. Other, alien threats are talked of here in the sanctuary against the vampire nobility.

Josh (@joshtjordan) creates the Brigand’s Dictionary, a glossary of slang, passwords, fae greetings, and other useful phrases in the dialect of the residents of Orslae. This dictionary designed for the Bloody Isles contains fictionalized versions of terms from Scots, Faroese, and Icelandic.

$36,000 – Brigand’s Treatise and In Want of Blood

Olivia Hill (@machineiv) will give a Treatise on adaptability and guerrilla tactics. If your sword breaks, grab a pitchfork. If your pitchfork breaks, let’s talk sharpened sticks. Warfare when you’re out-numbered and out-gunned isn’t hopeless—you just have to want the win more than your enemy does.

Siôn Rodriguez y Gibson (@Estuary_Witch) brings us the Austen-esque guide to playing Scions, In Want of Blood. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of blood.” When the scions of the blood-red order rebel it is often useful for them not to stray too far from the luxury of the nest. In order to unravel vampiric schemes and steal vital intelligence for their comrades, such rebellious children must still attend the balls and soirees and even accept marriage proposals from the leeches. In a mannered world you must hide rebellion behind pretty words and slip an ashwood stake into your petticoats.

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