Guys and Dohls: The City of Oubliette d’Ivoire

I recently started playing in a game of FATE, best summed up as “Chthulu vs. the Mob.” The name of this little campaign is “Guys and Dohls”, and I figured it was worth blogging about a little. For our first session, we put together a skills list, built our city, ramped up through character creation, and played a short “tutorial fight” to get the rules down. So, without further ado, I give you our city, Oubliette d’Ivoire.

The City of Oubliette d’Ivoire

Nestled in the swampy marshlands of central Louisiana, situated alongside the mighty Mississippi River north of New Orleans, lays Oubliette d’Ivoire, the Forgotten City of Ivory.

Olde Magick, Olde Spirits

Oubliette d’Ivoire is a city of magic, the roots of which run deep, deep beneath the very soil. Ever since people have settled along the river, they’ve had their superstitions and spells. Gangsters might not put much faith in such stuff, but even we know better than to cross that which we do not understand.

Sugar Cane, Sugar Cane

The primary export of our city is sugar cane, as it is well situated as the closest import / export port of the many sugar plantations that lay just outside the city. The plantation owners – wealthy, aristocratic souther gentlemen – are the real power of Oubliette d’Ivoire, and they answer only to “Papa Sweets,” the most well-blooded and well-off of their number.

But the sweet taste of sugar has drawn flies. Namely, us. A hardened band of gangsters, molls, and criminals, we have our sights set to turn all that sugar into rum, and ship it up the river where thirsty citizens and enourmous profits await.

The Chief of Police shouldn’t pose too much of a threat to our aims; he has a “Gentleman’s Arrangement” with the local landowners. So long as we don’t cross them, the police should leave well enough alone.

More troublesome is the Reverend Ramirez. On’a those “Beacon of Justice” types. All “temperance” this and “the wages of sin” that. But times are hard in the deep south, and one man, no matter how holy, can’t hold back the changing times.

Now the real thorn in our side might turn out to be the Port Authority. Tasked with everything from keeping track of shipping manifests to collecting the city’s garbage, they’re in it for no one but themselves. Maybe we can buy them off… or maybe their interests will become in need of a little “protection.”

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