Guys and Dohls, Episode 1 – F#@! This Guy

Top Image: Concrete and Chains by Mark Molnar2013 © Fantasy Flight Games

Shortly after we arrived in the city, the word went out that we were to meet up with our new boss at a boathouse out by the riverside early the next morning.

There was six of us there that morning. Our new boss, Gregory Bamonte sat behind his desk, looking a little more under the squeeze than his slick reputation would’a previously indicated. See, Bamonte had a reputation for not lookin’ too close at folks. If you could do a job, he’d give it to ya’, no matter your race, color or creed.

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Guys and Dohls: The City of Oubliette d’Ivoire

I recently started playing in a game of FATE, best summed up as “Chthulu vs. the Mob.” The name of this little campaign is “Guys and Dohls”, and I figured it was worth blogging about a little. For our first session, we put together a skills list, built our city, ramped up through character creation, and played a short “tutorial fight” to get the rules down. So, without further ado, I give you our city, Oubliette d’Ivoire.

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